Thursday, April 2, 2009

Helping hurting teens

So often when a teen loses a friend, or it witness to a violent crime, it is difficult for us as adults to know how to best help them grieve. We may not realize that some of their behaviors indicate that they still need more time and assistance to cope with this dramatic change in their lives. Even if their friend is still alive, they are changed, and either way the loss is hard, especially when you are already dealing with the challenges of teen life.

Happily, there is a local organization we can refer teens to when they are struggling with these difficult problems beyond our professional skills. Friends and Family of Violent Crime Victims is a group located out of Everett that is here to help both teens and adults who have suffered a loss or trauma, or are friends with someone who has and need help dealing.

And now they are starting up support groups for teens. To find out more, or refer a teen in need, call Nancy at 425.252.6081 or 1.800.346.7555.

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