Saturday, March 13, 2010

Awesome Interactive Storywriting Idea

One of the interesting things coming out of SXSW is an interactive storywriting competition:

Starting this Friday, March 12th at 10 AM central time, we’ll be hosting an interactive storytelling exquisite corpse-esque competition over at The Future of the Story. How it works:

  1. Follow us on Twitter to receive the kickoff sentence for each story (contributed by some of your favorite web storytellers)
  2. @ reply to @itwasadarkand with what you think happens next; your sentence will show up here
  3. Vote up the best sentence
  4. Every round, the winning sentence becomes part of the story and it’s time to write the next!

Once each story closes, we’ll be adding it to our story archive where it will be given a title and illustrated by Figure-1. AND (just to make things super extra saucy fun) we’ll be choosing one contributor from each story at random to win a choice of radtastic books (either Miranda July’s Learning to Love You More, or Jeffrey Zeldman’s A Book Apart), AND the original, signed illustration that accompanied their story!

I know Kathleen's writing group at Mukilteo Library already does some group writing with elements of this. Seems to me this could be a fun contest in person or online!

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