Monday, March 5, 2012

Do you speak Millennial?

MTV has released a study called "What Millennials Are Just Sayin'", where according to this article "advises that if marketers take the time to understand the everyday language of their target audience, they can speak to them more effectively."  In the vernacular of my youth: DUH.  Still, there is some stuff of interest here:

OMG: Want to Reach Millennials? You Have to, Like, Speak Their Language

 The study says marketers should draw on what millennial lingo reveals about them, namely:
  1. The desire to be seen as smart and funny; and appreciation for clever and quick wit
  2. Originality and authenticity
  3. A heightened sense of drama about their own lives
  4. Optimism over rebellion
How can this apply to libraries?

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