Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Keeping up with Asian pop culture

I've found two great sources in my quest to learn more about Asian pop culture...

Giant Robot - print magazine and website highlighting visual arts, music, literature, and the famous names in Asian pop culture

PingMag - Tokyo based e-zine "About Design and Making Things!"

I've been looking through Issue 50 of Giant Robot, and it could be worth considering for out teen magazine collection.


Dawn of the Read said...

I'm a huge fan (and sometimes subscriber) of Giant Robot myself. I think it is great for keeping up on Asian pop culture, and did have it in my teen area at my old branch. Overall though, it is an adult magazine and covers risque materials at times...so I would say it depends on the community. If we have to chose between putting it in teen or adult for the whole system, I'd probably put it in adult.

Anne said...

Thanks - this is my first exposure to it, so I wasn't sure of the overall tone. It's a great magazine though!