Friday, July 30, 2010

Hotels Join the Struggle to Captivate Teens

Hotel resorts are struggling to find entertainment options for teens, otherwise they get bored and do things like "take pool chairs and throw them in the pool".

The Toughest Guest: a Teen
Hotels Try to Make Family Trips Fun; Mocktails Are OK, Dark Bonfires Aren't

The key to attracting teens, some hotels say, is giving them grown-up experiences—and setting limits. When Atlantis did a focus group with 50 teenagers earlier this year to find out what they wanted in a new teen club, the participants asked for the oversized beds popular in some adult spots, hot tubs and "cages to dance in," says Amanda Felts, vice president of guest activities and resort planning. "That's not going to happen."

Much in this article reminds me of lessons libraries have already learned. Kids who enjoyed programs in their single digit years, won't necessarily just go along with programs aimed at teens. One kid saying the activity is stupid can drive out a whole crowd. And one cute girl can have the opposite effect. And bribery works ;)

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Anne said...

Hmmm... mixed feeling about that one!

Life sure is great when you have seemingly unlimited money to throw into it, and plenty of things to bribe with.

The thing that is oh-so true though is that really, teens just want a place to hang out.