Tuesday, June 16, 2009

new trend in hip hop

Being a middle aged librarian, I find it sometimes challenging to stay up on teen music trends, so I'm always delighted when someone exposes me to some fresh beats before they've already grown old.

Anne directed me to this great article (just posted last week) about a new trend in hip hop: jerk culture.

Jerky boys and girls: New Boyz, Rej3ctz and more lead a new youth movement

Jerk dancing has apparently been around for a while, but dance trends without musical backup tend to die quickly. This appears to be fresh and fun, embraced by teens in L.A., and has its own new look...think 80s tight jeans and patterned pants, with fitted baseball caps.

I'm especially smitten with the fact that these kids are confident enough to sport Sesame Street hats! I know my brother would love the Elmo one. Me, I'm leaning towards Cookie Monster .

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Anne said...

You're not "middle age"!!!