Monday, November 9, 2009

stress and teens

Kathleen found this great article that talks about stress in American kids, and how parents may not realize the danger this poses to their health and education:

APA Survey Raises Concern About Parent Perceptions of Children's Stress

Teens and tweens were more likely than parents to say that their stress had
increased in the last year. Nearly half (45 percent) of teens ages 13-17 said
that they worried more this year, but only 28 percent of parents think their
teen's stress increased, and while a quarter (26 percent) of tweens ages 8-12
said they worried more this year, only 17 percent of parents believed their
tween's stress had increased. Similarly, only 2-5 percent of parents rate
their child's stress as extreme (an 8, 9 or 10 on a 10-point scale) when 14
percent of tweens and 28 percent of teens say they worry a lot or a great

What can we do to help with teens and stress? I think the best thing is to let them know they can talk to us when they are feeling overwhelmed, and help them get into a calmer state of mind. But providing them library resources to help them get organized and get things done can't hurt either. Perhaps we could offer a series of stress-busting programs?

What do you think?


Jocelyn said...

I think it'd be an excellent idea to have workshops on stress relief...and possibly on study skills (or both at the same time?) for teens.

Do you think teens would come?

Dawn said...

I think it entirely depends on how it was marketed, when it took place, and which community partners were involved.

Finals week would be too stressful, but after too late. Perhaps work with school councillors to figure out a good time and promote it to their achievers?